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The place where economics and information meet, is the most interesting place of all.


Being born and raised in a family which is headed by two smart professors at the Catholic University of Leuven, I was always taught to use everything I had. However, early on, I noticed that my theoretic skills were far inferior to those of my classmates. I had to struggle through every class of French, because I didn't learn languages as easy as the other kids. Because my very high intellect in practical learning however, I could always hide this difficulty.

As a teen, dyslexia was discovered in our family. When they diagnosed my sister for it, my parents got me tested as well. As I was a very proud kid, I wouldn't accept any help. I struggled to make it on my own, and successfully went a long way in Economics. When at the end of the fourth year of high school, I had done my year well for the courses in which I had to deal with logical problems and had to think practical. For my languages, I had big gaps with the other students. In the end, I was forced to choose to either redo my year, or to "lower" my gaze to a more technical school.

I chose to get deeper involved in informatics, because my knowledge on the subject had substantially grown in my spare time. I went to the Catholic University-College of Leuven (now University College of Leuven Limburg or UCLL) to get my Bachelors degree in Applied Informatics. As my interests in Economics had never diminished, for my minor I chose Business Solutions. There we learned how informatics are used in the business and not solely to program. We learned the many ways to implement not only code, but also CRM packets, how to make Functional Analysis's and how to help business managers take good decisions. In this more practical study, I was often faster then the courses in the class. In the second year, I took external classes to learn how to code in Objective C (for iPad, iPhone, Mac OS X, ...).

In Linden, close to Leuven, you can find the Eureka School. This school is a part of Eureka Leuven, a larger business which is all about helping people with learning difficulties, like dyslexia, dyscalculia, autism and others. I came in contact with Anny Cooreman, the founder of everything Eureka. She and Lucas Hermans asked me to start a little project about e-learning with them. After a summer with a lot of development, they asked if I would spend my internship with them.

Eureka is a company which requires flexibility and a want for learning from their employees. The thing I take away the most from my experience here requires you to know their moto, which I have taken over a little bit myself. In Dutch it says "Van mankement tot talent", which roughly translates to "From weakness to talent". Dyslexia forces one to think different, and that is what I learned the most. To think different, is to approach problems from another angle.


Languages - Programming - User environments - Other

  • Dutch


  • French


  • English


  • Java | C#


  • PHP

    Very good

  • HTML & CSS

    Very good

  • Objective - C

    Very good

  • Swift


  • JavaScript - jQuery


    • UNIX

    • -

    • Good

    • Windows

    • -

    • Excellent

    • Mac OS X

    • -

    • Excellent

  • Agile, SCRUM, RAD

  • -

  • Mobile application insights

  • -

  • Service Architecture

  • -

  • RESTful API writing - integrating

  • -

  • Functional analysis

  • -

  • Datadriven technologies

  • -

  • Team leadership

  • -

  • Hobby cook

  • -

  • Film

  • -

  • Gaming


Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. - Nelson Mandela


Startathlon - Participated: 2016

The Belgian Government has entities which focus on research and development to aid and support the economy.
Located in the Diamond Building in Brussels, Sirris is the technology-branch of those entities.

In function of my position at Eureka and together with Lucas Hermans, I followed and participated their 8-step course on Go-to-market, Validation of the business-model, Investor pitching, ...

Together with 5 other tech-startups, from which we could get feedback, we learned the different pitching methods for Investor- and elevator pitching. We evaluated business ideas and looked at the Go-to-market plans of the other companies. Thanks to Sirris, we got a session with Vladimir Blagojevic, the marketing guru, when we learned about different marketing techniques and technologies (like Google Adwords, Facebook campaigns, ...). He also taught us about target audiences, lead generation and conversion, ....

Later on we learned about the best landing pages, pricing strategies, managing the technology stack, and so many other things. We had a far better idea about product management and pricing, and the go-to-market move so we were better prepared.

Catholic University College Leuven

Bachelor in Applied Informatics, minor in Business Solutions - Graduated: 2014

The first 3 semesters are universal. After those semester, every student has to chose between 3 minors, Software Development, Systems and Networking and Business Solutions. About 60% of the students goes into Software Development, another 25% in Systems and Networking and the last 15% in Business Solutions. My preferences and interests were located in direction of both economics and informatics, so my choice was very clear. We also have a little room for optional courses. My choices were "Ethical issues in Informatics" and "Mobile Applications". My choices were easy, because the two are very current.


Certificate of knowledge in programming in Objective C - Graduated: 2013

In the second year of university college, I took up an external study on programming in Objective C. We went over basic things, like MVC and object oriented programming. Of course, we also saw the more complex things. However so, I already had an app submitted in the iTunes App Store when the study (of 10 weeks) was halfway.

Miniemeninstituut Leuven

Certificate Business Management - Graduated: 2011

This is a certificate that proves that I passed every course that has to do with basic business management. In the last year of highschool, we had to start a small company, in cooperation with and commissioned by the European Commission. For this project, we even went to Brussels together with school from all over Europe. Our "business partner" was a school in finland.

The project was a success.

Miniemeninstituut Leuven

Accountancy - informatics - Graduated: 2011

This is the highschool I graduated from. Even as a highschooler, I already performed above average for programming. I learned the basics in HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL and C#. In my free time, I developed small programs I missed in the everyday life, like a calendar.


"Van mankement tot talent" - Eureka Leuven

RINO Vlaanderen

Software & Data Engineer / Leuven, Flemish Brabant / 2015 - 2016

RINO Vlaanderen is a company specialised in courses in child-psychology. They were long overdue for an updated website. I made a platform where they can manage their courses, lecturers and registrations. Interested people can view details and enroll and later, when a course has started, check uploaded documents.

The administrators have their own, custom built, CRM system with a lot of options for contacting anyone enrolled in any course, and specify in which stadium the registration is.

RINO Vlaanderen

Eureka Expert

Software & Data consultant / Linden, Leuven, Flemish Brabant / 2013 - Current

Eureka Expert is part of Eureka Leuven. Throughout multiple organizations, Eureka Leuven is involved in ways to make the life of children with learning disabilities easier.
Eureka Education, which helps children for 1 or 2 years. Working together with Eureka Expert for more then two years now brought some great products to the market and made a strong workconnection.

Our first milestone together was the development of the award winning app “GoPin”. With this app we’ve won a businessbooster-program at Porta Creatio. The next big challenge was the creation of a website for schools to use the publications Eureka Expert provides. CleverSchool is a one in a kind website with a scalable architecture.

The working environment is very dynamic, so a flexible way of working is always required. This brings with it some very interesting situations which I have never encountered before.
Eureka is a company which constantly changes their own borders. This requires of their personnel to have a very open mind and to constantly want to learn new things.


Every student studying at the KHLeuven has to do an internship, preferably one that has a true plus value for his / her experience. I was asked by Eureka Foundation to do my internship with them, so that we could work on a few ongoing projects more closely.

Eureka Expert

Eureka ADIBib

Data Expert / Linden, Leuven, Flemish Brabant / 2015 - Current

Adibib provides a service to pupils with a deficit in the written communication. People with dyslexia, dyspraxia, …, can get their books they use at school for free in a digital form.

This is a unique project in Europe with over 7000 user and a library of more then 5200 publications. Currently I’m working on a platform which makes it more easy to gather the data and create meaningful outcomes which is important for the research and development department of Adibib. Unique for this platform is the smooth API to share data with the original website as well as a new user interface which let’s people without any knowledge of SQL make their own query’s and generate results.

Eureka ADIBib

Extravaganza Motors

Software developer - Functional Analyst / Temse, Antwerp / 2014 - Current

Extravaganza Motors is a high end car dealer. I started there together with a few colleague-students while we were at the University College of Leuven. Our bachelor work was to redesign the system behind Extravaganza Motors. We created the frontend and backend websites.

The frontend is everything the general public will see. Most important the home page where Extravaganza Motors shares their news and the cars page where all their available cars are found.

Far more important for Extravaganza Motors self where they manage their business. We created a custom built bookkeeping platform. we created their CRM, stock management, invoice- and order management.

Both front- and backend are made in Drupal and we created about 30 modules, including a coupling of the old login to the new drupal login database.

Extravaganza Motors

Feest in Leuven

Software Developer / Leuven, Flemish Brabant / 2013 - 2014

Feest in Leuven was a small company in Leuven, which delivered the parties in Leuven to students an other youth in an easy way. Their website was a little user-unfriendly and when they asked if I could remake it all from scratch, I took the opportunity with both hands.


Feest In Leuven was a project at which Jasper, a friend of mine and CEO and owner of Feest in Leuven, took role as project leader. My role in the project was the development of the website, the data-structure and the app for iOS. The project is a very self-explanatory project, it tells the users which parties that we know of are where, when and how much people will be attending. For this, we use Facebook integration. Last, we also tell people about how much people are already there, if we can match the venue to Foursquare.

App iOS

This app is the iOS app for the website I created this while I has just started my course on Objective-C at Syntra. It was very interesting and propelled my knowledge on Objective-C very fast. The language is Dutch for everything in Feest In Leuven is Dutch.

I also started the app for Android, but it never got published because the interest in the site had diminished. We decided to stop with the webhosting for it.


Software Consultant / Leuven, Flemish Brabant / 2015 - 2016

A lot of schools in Belgium offer their secondary last year students the opportunity to start a mini-enterprise. They have 1 school year to work in a team of ~20 students, write a business plan, ....

I helped the mini-enterprise JarUp with their online presence, helped them with the basics of working with outside consultants, web development, ...

This was was pro bono work.

JarUp website


A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others.


If you want something, go for it.

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